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“This is how we’ve always done it” may be the easiest approach to organizing your code, but it’s hardly the most efficient in today’s culture of expanding DevOps and Agile contexts. Many software companies organize their code in a predictable, unoriginal setup: There’s the data access layer, an application layer for exchanging messages via interface, web, mobile or desktop and a business logic layer that connects end users with the database.

So, what’s wrong with this arrangement? If the length of your code is only 20,000 lines, probably nothing. If you’re a young startup, your organization comprises only of developers who designed the governing architecture and, therefore, know it like the back of their hand. But as your unit of code matures, it will grow too complex for intuitive navigation and easy understanding — especially for DevOps and Agile teams intended for fast-moving completion of tasks.

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How to Democratize Your Code in An Era of DevOps and Agile

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