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Goals of Load Testing Service

The goal of load testing is to simulate the real-world environment by generating concurrent user load of as many as possible users having access to WebWay. Automation increases the ability to conduct successful load tests, since it allows mimicking a high volume of users, sending simultaneous requests to the application or the server. To create adequate load test scenarios, software testers use the information obtained from the log with daily registered load factors in order to reproduce a realistic user load. In some cases, the log file containing load factors is difficult to access, and load testing activities depend on the requirements specifications, as testers need to understand the performance requirements for the system. Load testing service is provided to emulate or often even exceed the specified production load to spot bottlenecks in the products by the best software testing companies.

Since many organizations simply cannot reproduce the test environment identical to the production environment, testers must submit reliable test results to the project team for it to be able to extrapolate the measurements of workload, made in a test environment. This is not an easy task, because the comparison may not result in a one-to-many relation. In this case, it is important for the project team to understand the final results and reach agreement in their relations.

What is an RPA CoE?

RPA Center of Excellence (rpa coe setupis the way to embed robotic test automation deeply and effectively in the organization. A professional rpa services company helps you in robotic process automation.

Preparation for load testing

For the successful execution of load tests, load testing process should be well-planned and well-structured from the very start of the project and, above all else, this will reduce the testing time. However, even with optimal load test planning, load testing sometimes needs to be rerun at least one time and, consequently, this work will take more time than originally anticipated (because you will have to customize load tests). Best Software Testing Companies focus on assessing the performance of Web, desktop and mobile applications.

The following guide provides several important points in the preparation of load tests for their successful completion.

  • Understand the system requirements of the workload.
  • Examine the general and the current number of users that may be needed to support the Website. There are no historical statistics for the applications to be published for the first time. The testing team may be dependent on the requirements specification because it will be necessary to collect specific test data.
  • Create the basis: scripts to simulate a single user from a single browser.
  • Create load test scripts to simulate multiple web browser sessions (windows) to be open in parallel.

Load testing services need to be used to understand the behavior of a software application by testing it beyond its operational capacity.


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