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Glimpse of Installation Testing Services

Installation testing is one of the most important but frequently ignored types of software testing.

It is the process carried out to verify if a software product is installed correctly in an artificial environment and is functioning as desired after the installation.

Besides, installation testing or installability testing is aimed at detecting defects that prevent the software application from being installed properly and with all necessary components. In general, such process focuses on checking different installation prerequisites and scenarios and is performed when:  

  • a new version of the application execution environment is installed;
  • software is upgraded to a new version or downgraded to an older one;
  • an application is reinstalled in order to remove the problems encountered;
  • an application is reinstalled after the error that caused an interruption to the setup process;  
  • there is a new application that is from a family of applications;
  • an application is removed.

Installation testing services help to check and make sure that the installed feature is working properly (including buttons, icons, support documentation, registry keys and the Readme file) to have the app  ready for deployment. At that, this testing allows to identify if the system has created the right kind of depositories and necessary system files have been copied in corresponding directories. Software engineers are usually assigned to accomplish this work.

More reasons to run installation testing:

The other main reason for this testing is to check that there is adequate free space on the the hard drive, a smooth transition from the old to the new version, each of system requirements is fulfilled correctly and so on. If the installation tests have been completed successfully, there is a high probability that the software under test will be working as expected.

Is it important to run installation testing?

QA testing company performs different types of tests including installation testing.

When the testers verify correctness of the software installation they manage to predict whether the product will have a long & prosperous life in future or fail. Do not you agree that any software that is impossible to setup in a proper manner is unlikely to attract its target audience and become profitable in the market?

Accordingly, this type of testing should be an integral part of general suite of studies when it is time to decide on the approval of release for a software product.

Using qa and testing services you will not have to be concerned about quality of your software app anymore since it will be regularly verified and improved if necessary.


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