Transaction Based Model

QA Mentor takes the risk revolving around resource management, while you benefit from a planned budget and the security of knowing that your site will be properly regression tested on a schedule.

The perfect model to go with our Regression Testing Factory Services.

Possible Billing Arrangements

Fixed price for each test suite execution

Price per test case run

Price that combines multiple runs within a period of time

Perfect for Projects

  • The occasional outsourcing need
  • Scheduled, regular regression test runs
  • Teams that desire a true partnership
  • Onshore or offshore resources

Benefits of Transaction Based Model

  • Services tied to your cycle of need
  • Encourages efficiency
  • Predictable budget
  • Low costs

Contact us today to talk about your specific needs and what we can offer you. Whether you are doing database upgrades, server software patches, security patches, data center moves, or new product releases/patches, our QA Experts can take the burden off of your team by performing regular and consistent full regression tests on your schedule.

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