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Hybrid Model

Utilizing the systematic estimation process of Time and Materials to give a quote based on the information provided,
QA Mentor can offer a fixed price based on that estimation.

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The best of both worlds: Estimated like Time and Materials Model,
but executed like the Fixed Price Model.

This model is best for:

– Ongoing projects with unclear objectives
– Projects with unfinished requirements
– Fixed budget projects
– Plans with unclear scope or timelines

Benefits of using the Hybrid Model

– Best of both worlds
– Flexible payment cycles
– Low risk
– Dedicated team members enhance knowledge retention
– No compromise on quality
– Pay in installments or lump sum

QA Mentor Hybrid Engagement Model

Hybrid Model

– Price is estimated using the time and material
– Project executed like a fixed price model
– Suitable for longer, ongoing projects with unclear objectives


– Best of both worlds
– Flexible payment cycles
– Low risk
– Dedicated team members enhances knowledge retention


Give QA Mentor a call today to get your free quote and see if this model is right for your current project. We’ll make sure that the model selected is the most ideal one for your business needs.

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