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Choosing the right software testing partner is an important step toward shortening your software release cycle and stopping defects before they’re reported by your customers. But the downstream benefits extend far further than that – a professional software testing vendor can strengthen your company’s brand by boosting your reputation and, as a result, unlock new revenue streams.

I know firsthand how drawn-out and multifaceted the selection process can be, including how detrimental a poor choice can be for your business. As the founder and CEO of an independent software testing company, I have an insider’s view into the field of software quality assurance: It includes some of the most progressive companies that adopt innovative technologies on time, but it also contains short-term opportunists that will leave your code with more holes than a golf course. Plus, over the course of my career, I’ve vetted countless contractors, consultants, and other professional services – from questionable companies with gaudy ads to professional vendors whose promises live up to expectations.


Eight Things To Consider When Choosing Your Software Testing Partner

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