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Different Testing Types Software Quality Assurance Companies Use

Different Testing Types That Are Used by Software Quality Assurance Companies. 
Part 1

There are various types of software tests. All of them play an important role in the development lifecycle (SDLC). Software quality assurance companies can perform each at a top professional level. Their services are very popular and used all over the world.

To begin with, we will consider the tests designed primarily for web applications. There are three of them:

Black Box

Black Box tests are conducted to check an application on the front end only. If there is a web app under test you deal only with the web pages. When testing a desktop application or a windows OS you pay attention only to the User Interface (UI). This testing technique does not allow you to access database or code information. The test specialist understands how the app is expected to behave but does not know about the way things are done.

White Box (Clear Box, Open Box) 

White Box tests focus on deep insight into the product. While running this testing you get access to the code and are capable of understanding the design of the application. The results can be accurate only if the tester is well aware how the software is supposed to work. It requires special knowledge of programming code to analyze outputs and tests internal workings of the app as compared to just front-end functionality.

Web application testing service is in demand since it used to check application for potential bugs before its publication and ensure that it is secure, functionally correct, accessible for handicapped and regular users and able to handle the traffic.

Gray Box 

Gray Box Tests are intended to obtain knowledge that the cracker might learn about the internal structure of the app while allowing an assessment team to save on full amount of the resources which would be at the attacker’s disposal. This testing method combines both White and Black Box techniques. Gray box testers know a little about how the software functions. This is non-intrusive type of testing with limited access to database / code information. The focus is primarily made on the front-end functionality. However, due to this scenario, the tester can go further and examine issues by diving into backend scripts, code and stored procedures.

Gray box method is mostly used by pen testing company when it delivers its verification and validation services. Like White Box Technique, using these tests analysts can identify defects that occur because of improper usage or structure of the app.


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