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How to test Desktop Apps and Games?

Game testing is one of the most interesting testing areas, and somewhere that you can find a lot of software testing companies. On the Internet, these software testing companies offer game testing services for the various genres of games for different consoles and platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and PC platforms mobile, web and desktop.

At first, the testing is of functionality, content, and gameplay, verified by a huge number of combinations for each entity in the game, the animation quality, graphics, sound from line and text in the appropriate location.

Smoke tests are conducted on each build to verify the basic functionality of the game.

Testing the game is divided into three parts:

  • internal testing;
  • Closed beta testing;
  • Open beta testing.

All bugs identified during testing are entered in bug tracking system.

Internal testing is carried out by a dedicated team of testers.

For the closed beta testing IT opens the public server, creates the forum and distributes the accounts of the users (involving up to 1000 players).

For the open beta IT uses a more powerful server to be able to attract a larger number of players.

Testing desktop applications is still one of the areas that is operated by the company testers. The desktop application is a full-featured program that works regardless of other apps and requires the presence of the operator. This testing requires sufficient hardware resources of the computer, the application itself and a set of functions to work with the application.

Such applications are placed on the user’s computer. They do not require an Internet connection, interact with the user through a standard interface, have higher performance depend on the operating system and require installation on every computer user who wants to work with the app. This is a text editor, media players, program, calculate, calculation, study – in general, all programs that are installed on computers that are desktop applications. Since you have access to the system files of the program, this type of application is more vulnerable, and completely dependent on the actions of the user.

Typically, desktop applications are developed under a certain environment, so we use multiple computers in various configurations to test such applications.

In addition to the standard set of tests, the company also conducts compatibility testing of hardware and software.

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