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Dealing with Test Data Compliance

When it comes to test data, most testers know that the best stuff is the real data that exists in production, not to mention that using it saves time because eliminates the need to create your own.  Some of that data can also be confidential and may require special handling in order to lower risks of exposure, as well as remain in compliance.   Manual methods of data masking are slow and resource intensive. Your teams are under pressure to release at an ever increasing pace, so QA can’t slow things down with sluggish test data creation.  And yet, data masking and/or creation is a necessary evil.

The best way to deal with the issue is by using automation test data management tools. By using tools like Datamaker from Grid-tools, QA teams can mask personal data and maintain compliance, while still keeping on schedule.  Sensitive, personally identifiable data can be quickly and easily masked across multiple systems at the same time, regardless of the complexity.  Test Data Management tools can provide consistent masking and many like Datamaker, can be used on any database type and even on flat files.

Data masking can seem a daunting task, especially if you’re going about it manually. But if you grab test data management solution, you can change that.  Turn sluggish into fast, effective, and inexpensive.  Whether you’re doing it to increase the productivity and compliance of your own team, or to help your clients save money, using test data management automation solution like Datamaker or Optim from IBM will help you on each of those aspects.

About the Author

The author, Ruslan Desyatnikov, is the CEO & Founder of QA Mentor. He created QA Mentor to fill the gap he has witnessed in QA service providers during his near 20 years in QA. With Ruslan’s guidance, unique services and methodologies were developed at QA Mentor to aid clients in their QA difficulties while still offering a high ROI. Ruslan offers monthly seminars aimed at imparting his extensive testing knowledge that can be applied to start-ups as well as large companies. To learn more about QA Mentor and testing services please visit or contact Ruslan directly by sending email to


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