Affiliate Program

Individuals who refer people to QA Mentor that later become clients or otherwise use our services should be rewarded, and that’s what our Referral Program is for.

It’s no secret that satisfied current and former clients are the best advertising. Word of mouth support has real value since it involves tangible user experience and results, and incorporates trust of the referrer. People like to do business with people they know, or people who have been referred by trusted friends and colleagues. We appreciate the support from everyone who helps our business grow and would like to show our appreciation.

Individuals who refer people to QA Mentor that later become clients or otherwise use our services should be rewarded, and that’s what our Referral Program is for. People who make referrals to us can easily earn significant bonuses if that referral leads to the sale of our services. You make money while we do all of the work. Consider these options and this opportunity the next time you’re talking to friends who work in software development in one way or another.

Project referrals

If you refer a client to us and we engage them in a project, you will receive 3% from the total amount of the Contact/Statement of Work.  It’s important to note that this is not 3% from the profit but 3% from the actual agreed-upon work amount, something no other company does.

For example, if you send us a referral for a project worth 100K, we will write you a check for $3,000 as soon as we collect our first payment from the client.  Understand that that project might be billed at 100K, but our cost may be close to 90% of that after paying salaries, equipment, and other overhead such as travel expenses and taxes. That makes the 3% referral bonus a very high compensation. For a list of our service offerings, please refer to our QA Services section. Once you understand all that we offer, you can start making your commissions by referring our services to those who need them.

Consultant/Employee Referrals

Do you know a company that needs a QA position filled?  If you refer our consultation or employee placement services to someone that later becomes a client, we will write you a check for $1000 after our third consecutive month working with them.

We have consultants available for all of the positions listed below:

  • QA Testers
  • QA Analysts
  • QA Engineers
  • QA Test Leads
  • QA Team Leads
  • QA Managers
  • QA Project Leads
  • QA Project Managers

  • QA Project Test Coordinators
  • QA Performance Analysts
  • QA Performance Specialists
  • QA Automation Engineers
  • QA Security Engineers
  • QA Data Analysts
  • Directors of QA
  • White-Box Testers

Advisory Support Subscription Services Referrals

This type of referral can result in long-term, continual payments. We will pay a referrer 5% commission for each month a client continuously uses this service. This means monthly, residual income for a referrer. For example, if you refer one client for this subscription and he uses our Advisory Support Subscription Service for 12 months, then your commission will work out to $24.75 per month (5% of $495), adding up to nearly $300 for the year. Make 10 referrals for this service, and you would be making an extra $250 a month. Start getting your bonus money today by reviewing this subscription service and referring clients to us that could use our help.

Seminar Referrals

Commissions for seminar referrals are also five percent.  With a dozen seminars per year, you could potentially refer one person for twelve seminars. Each seminar costs attendees $695, which gives you an extra $34.75 per referral, per seminar. If one referral attends all 12 seminars, your total commission is just over $400. With 10 referrals for the years’ seminars, your commission jumps to over four grand.

As you can see, there are several referral opportunities with QA Mentor that can help you make money. We want to be fair and compensate our advocates for sending business our way. If we make money from your referrals, then it’s only fair that you make money as well. Please register below for our referral program and start making money right away.  To submit your referral please write us at [email protected] or call us 1-800-622-2602

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