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QA Mentor’s CEO Discusses Automation in CIOReview Magazine

New York, US. August 7, 2015

CIOReview magazine invited QA Mentor’s CEO Ruslan Desyatnikov to contribute an article discussing automation for their June QMS Special Edition.   The magazine leads the discussion on innovative enterprise solutions that can redefine business goals and provides a platform for providers to showcase their unique solutions.

QA Mentor strongly encourages automation for their clients, at any level.  The importance of automating Quality Assurance in today’s fast paced world cannot be overstated and for many businesses, it’s the key to their success in the market.

In the article for CIOReview, Ruslan discussed QA Mentor’s unique specialized services, such as Automation Tool Expert Servicesand Automation Framework Design Services.  These services keep QA Mentor a step ahead of other QA vendors in the market by giving QA Mentor’s clients automation options customized specifically for their team, skills, and needs.  Ruslan’s vision to bring QA to the forefront of every organization and making it easier for them by focusing on each company’s individual strengths and weaknesses flies in the face of the one-size-fits-all solutions that most providers offer.

QA Mentor is honored to have had their CIO contribute to a respected magazine and help to drive more companies to focus on QA success and automation.

About QA Mentor, Inc.

Established in 2010 with the objective of helping organizations improve their QA process, QA Mentor is now the top provider of 37 different quality Assurance testing types, with 24 separate services – several of which cannot be found at any other company. QA Mentor has a global presence in 8 different countries, a staff of over 100 resources and a pool of over 1500 crowdsourced testers. We use an effective and unique combination of onshore and offshore resources to keep costs low for clients. For more information, visit QA Mentor’s web site at


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