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QA Mentor Selects GenRocket to Redefine the Price/Performance Ratio of Test Data Management Services

New York, US – June 28, 2017

QA Mentor, the software quality assurance expert and global provider of software testing services and GenRocket, the technology leader in test data generation software solutions today announced a global reseller partnership to offer GenRocket software as an in-house solution for customers and a platform for delivering advanced test data management services.

GenRocket solves the problem of creating test data that fully exercises code during all phases of a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) testing process. GenRocket eliminates the need to prune and mask production data or to manually create dummy test data by generating real-time, on-demand, model-based synthetic test data at high speed and at low cost.

GenRocket is an alternative to the use of expensive test data management systems often used for the creation, management and protection of data used during the QA testing process. Instead, GenRocket provides a streamlined, cost-effect and flexible platform that instantly generates test data for virtually any kind of software test operation or database environment. GenRocket positions its dynamic Test Data Generation (TDG) approach as the next generation of Test Data Management (TDM).

With GenRocket’s TDG technology, software testers quickly create and execute comprehensive test scenarios with patterned and conditioned synthetic test data based on pre-defined data models that preserve the referential integrity of parent child relationships in the production database. GenRocket’s TDG technology accelerates the testing process by more than 1000% for about 10% of the cost of traditional TDM solutions.

“The GenRocket platform is revolutionary – it replaces manual test data generation with a fully automated process that turns dummy data into intelligent data. And because there is no other test data management solution on the market matching its level of price/performance, we can offer GenRocket to any customer regardless of project size.” said Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder of QA Mentor.  “Nothing is more important to software quality than starting with clean, comprehensive and compliant test data.”

QA Mentor has a global presence with operations across the United States, UK, France,
Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and India. The company offers 30 distinct quality assurance testing services – more than any other independent software testing company in the world, providing a one-stop shop for QA and serves a broad spectrum of customer segments including financial services, healthcare, media, entertainment, and web-based environments for ecommerce, eLearning and gaming.

“The selection of GenRocket by an industry leader such as QA Mentor is a major validation of our vision for test data generation and the platform we have developed”, commented Garth Rose President and CEO of GenRocket, “We are fully committed to their mission of establishing cost-effective frameworks for software quality assurance that facilitate customer success.”

The GenRocket solution is available from QA Mentor now either as a supported software platform that customers can deploy in-house or as a test data management service provided by quality assurance experts from QA Mentor. For more information visit the QA Mentor website.

About QA Mentor, Inc.

QA Mentor is an award-winning leading global provider of QA outsourcing services, headquartered in New York and with eight different offices around the world. Established in 2010 with an aim to help organizations from various sectors improve their QA functions, QA Mentor proudly boasts of having a unique combination of 150+ offshore and onshore resources who work around the clock supporting all time zones. The company supports 250+ clients from startups to Fortune 500 organizations within nine different industries. QA Mentor has uniquely positioned itself in the market by providing customizable QA software testing services by following a hybrid approach with flexible on-demand testing services and solutions at very economical prices. For more information, visit QA Mentor’s web site at

About GenRocket

GenRocket is an emerging technology leader in software testing technology serving IT services companies and enterprise customers who demand superior quality and efficiency in their software development operation. GenRocket’s Test Data Generation (TDG) software redefines the way test data is produced by generating patterned and conditioned, test data in real-time and on-demand. GenRocket holds a patent for its unique and innovative process for preserving referential integrity for complex data sets and simplifies the task of producing high volume test data by combining it customer-supplied data model and using pre-defined test data scenarios. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in a number of international markets through its network of technology partners. For more information, please visit


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