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QA Mentor Offers Unrivalled Application Architecture Inspection Services

New York, NY. November 7, 2014

Independent software testing company QA Mentor can now offer a second-to-none Application Architecture Inspection that will provide businesses with a detailed oversight of their software architecture in order to highlight flaws and fix problems before they even occur. Companies are finding that it’s never too early to get started with architecture reviews and designs for new projects, and it’s also never too late to remedy existing models, which may be based around systems that are unwieldy and slow.

QA Mentor brings the necessary expertise to businesses in order to examine their current architecture plan or to draw up a new one, which ensures that best practices are fully upheld, to identify any gaps and make the necessary modifications. QA Mentor’s Application Architecture Inspection Service provides an overall critique of the planned or existing application architecture within a business and makes easy-to-understand, detailed and practical recommendations. This is done by closely comparing established architecture criteria with desired goals and business objectives.

The in-depth inspection will be able to identify technical and business criteria for third-party software purchases before any costly commitment is made. This, in turn, can save a company time, money and effort. It cuts out the “hit or miss” approach when brining in new software.

Working with a Senior Software Architect from QA Mentor, businesses will be able to pinpoint all of the key compliance issues, risks and concerns via a comprehensive report. The company can then use this comprehensive report to establish their readiness of projects moving forward. Making a presentation to the board will be easier when armed with a QA Mentor Application Architecture Inspection analysis.

The Application Architecture Inspection is quick, easy, and painless. The Senior Software Architect from QA Mentor is provided with design documents, including objects models and process flow diagrams. Having studied these, meetings will be set up with the necessary members of staff to establish a number of further parameters, including the current state of the lifecycle project, the purpose and function of the application and data protection mechanisms. Then sit back and let QA Mentor do all the hard work!

Ask QA Mentor to inspect your application architecture today and see how they can help to streamline your business, catch errors early, reduce costs and lower risks.


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