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QA Mentor Announces Partnership with TestingWhiz

New York, US. April 13, 2015

QA Mentor, Inc., a leading quality assurance and software testing expert, has announced today a new partnership with TestingWhiz. TestingWhiz is a venture of Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd, a premium IT Services and Solutions provider based in USA, South Africa, Australia and India.

TestingWhiz is committed to providing innovative, automated software testing solutions to global enterprise companies and educational institutes for their web and cloud applications. It comes with two editions purely designed to address the needs of large enterprises (Enterprise Edition) and independent testers (Community Edition) for improving the performance and quality of their software applications.

As a partner of TestingWhiz, QA Mentor will resell TestingWhiz’s automation solution, which will help testers and automation engineers build their automated tests without involving core programming skills. Users looking to get up and running with test automation in just a few hours will be benefited extremely with this solution.

Moreover, by using TestingWhiz, software test engineers will also be able to attain following benefits:

  • Execute scripts and identify bugs quickly and easily
  • Get cost efficiency through a reduction in manual test case execution
  • Increase testing efficiency and achieve faster time-to-market

“TestingWhiz solutions will provide our customers codeless testing that will significantly shorten their learning curve, help them get rid of the pains of coding automated test scripts, and eliminate the need to keep very expensive automation specialists as part of the team,” said Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO at QA Mentor. “We are dedicated to providing our customers with best and cost-effective automation solutions suitable for companies with limited budgets and this partnership with TestingWhiz fits very well into our overall vision,” continued Ruslan Desyatnikov.

“TestingWhiz’s partnership with QA Mentor envisions to raise automation testing to the next level, thus elevating the Quality Assurance standards of IT Delivery Teams. Leveraging this partnership, both TestingWhiz and QA Mentor aim to help the IT Delivery Teams for faster and better quality application delivery by overcoming the challenges faced in the various testing scenarios.” said Niraj Hutheesing, Managing Director of Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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