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QA Mentor Announces New Unique Service for QA Community

New York, NY. November 5, 2014

QA Mentor is thrilled to announce “one of a kind” service – Advisory Support Subscription. This breakthrough service is the newest innovation to be offered by QA Mentor.

Since 2010, QA Mentor has been providing organizations worldwide with services to improve QA functions and optimize their QA process, and has become an industry leader in software testing and quality assurance. Headquartered in New York, QA Mentor has presided over the quality assurance of businesses throughout the UK, France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and India, and has helped both small businesses and large corporations alike.

QA Mentor offers twenty four different services to meet all your QA needs, No other company in the world offers similar services with such variety all in one place. With subscription services to on-demand assistance, QA Mentor believes that all clients should have access to quality services that are simple and cost-effective.

This philosophy is exactly what leads to QA Mentor’s new subscription service, Advisory Support Subscription Service. This service is completely unique to QA Mentor, and is offered by no other software testing company, anywhere. This service allows you to ask up to five questions relating to the QA domain each month, in which you are guaranteed to receive detailed and thorough answers. These responses will provide a complete explanation, along with a suggested action plan in relation to the original query. There are no guidelines in how the questions are sent, as they can be asked individually throughout the course of the month, or sent in all at once.

Also included in the Advisory Support Subscription Service is one free hour of personalized phone consultation support. This is extremely beneficial for those who may need additional explanation on one of their queries. This is a chance to interact with the experts and get some advice on decisions or options that you are considering. This service is ideal for every quality assurance manager, both entry level and experienced, as it helps avoid the trial and error phase and can prevent costly mistakes.

One great advantage to this service is that the dedicated staff of experts at QA Mentor guarantees a detailed explanation to any question within twenty four hours. Additionally, the phone consultation can be one complete session, or broken down into two separate thirty minute sessions, and can be arranged in as little as a day.

QA Mentor is comprised of a team of QA experts who have worked in the field for a minimum of five years. All team members have a wide variety of industry experience and knowledge, and a diverse resource group assures that you will always receive expert service. Through the Advisory Support Service, you have direct contact with the senior QA Advisory specialists, which even include QA Mentor’s CEO, Ruslan Desyatnikov.

You’re probably assuming that access to the senior experts at QA Mentor must come with a high price tag. It’s quite the opposite, actually, as the fee for the Advisory Support Subscription Service is a low $695 per month. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service, or in the unlikely event that your question cannot be answered, QA Mentor will refund your money, no strings attached.


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