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QA Mentor Announces Brand New Service for Quality Assurance Departments

New York, NY. November 10, 2014

Independent software quality assurance company QA Mentor announces the launch of its newest service – manual test design and execution services. QA Mentor is the leading quality assurance company for software firms.

New York, NY. November 10, 2014 – With the launch of their new website, QA Mentor is thrilled to announce one of their newest services – manual test and design. This breakthrough service is the newest innovation to be offered by QA Mentor.

This new service is perfect for any software development company currently developing new programs and software. The program is designed to free up much needed resources and allow for proper testing of new software. By freeing up valuable employees and resources, a development company can save 10-35% of their costs.

The program works like this: a QA Mentor expert will contact the developer and determine exactly what is needed. Once all the information and requirements are established, QA Mentor will assemble a team of experts and they get to work. The team works with the project from beginning to end to ensure there are no misunderstandings and to expedite the entire process.

The benefits of this service can be seen immediately. By using a separate dedicate team, a development company can save money and keep from straining employees. This ensures higher quality and more accurate results.


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