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QA Mentor Announces Partnership with Perfecto Mobile

New York, US. June 2, 2015

QA Mentor, Inc., a leading quality assurance and software testing expert, has announced today a new partnership with Perfecto Mobile. With the ever-increasing array of mobile devices on the market, this partnership will complement and expand QA Mentor’s current test lab to help meet the mobile demands of its clients.

Perfecto Mobile’s worldwide network of partners and globally accessible cloud platform has put them at the forefront of mobile testing. They offer on-demand infrastructure that enables mobile testing throughout the SDLC under any end-user scenario.

Their focus and dedication to effective mobile testing combined with QA Mentor’s own mobile lab and unique methodologies will give clients unparalleled ability to perform manual, automated, or performance testing across the world, as well as covering nearly 99% of the devices on the market.

Both QA Mentor and Perfecto Mobile’s clients will see benefits such as:

  • On-demand mobile labs
  • Simple scalability
  • Global accessibility
  • Immediate access to even the newest mobile devices

“This partnership with Perfecto Mobile puts both of our companies in a position to lead the mobile testing market,” said Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO at QA Mentor.  “We want to be able to offer our clients the widest range of mobile testing options and the most effective mobile testing approach.  This partnership will facilitate that.”

About QA Mentor, Inc.

Established in 2010 with the objective of helping organizations improve their QA process, QA Mentor is now the top provider of 37 different quality Assurance testing types, with 24 separate services – several of which cannot be found at any other company. QA Mentor has a global presence in 8 different countries, a staff of over 100 resources and a pool of over 1500 crowdsourced testers. We use an effective and unique combination of onshore and offshore resources to keep costs low for clients. For more information, visit QA Mentor’s web site at


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