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Message from our CEO

Our organization may be relatively new but the scope of knowledge, expertise, experience, and understanding of various industries and markets is strong within our diverse employee base.

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Ruslan Desyatnikov

Founder & CEO, QA Mentor, Inc.

I would like personally welcome every visitor to the QA Mentor Avenue of the Software Quality Assurance Universe. I encourage you to spend some time exploring our QA Service offerings, QA University with many interesting e-learning courses as well as learn about latest trends, tools, approaches, methodologies, opinions, suggestions, and many other interesting topics we have specifically designed for the entire QA community, which is every one of you.

When I started my Quality Assurance career 23 years ago, the software testing domain was not a popular topic for discussion. It has been very interesting to watch QA evolve throughout all these years and became an integral part of IT organizations everywhere. Independent and unbiased testing organizations have made a difference fighting for quality. Nowadays, many CEOs are establishing quality as a company mission and placing it among the top strategic objectives by continuously investing in quality initiatives and process improvement. Testing has transformed from a luxury to a necessity for organizations that care for customer satisfaction and their own success.

Things continue to evolve. What were interesting topics back then, such as a new era of automation tools, are no longer hot and popular topics now. The discussion trend today centers around mobile automation tools, crowdsourcing, QA performance optimization and engineering, test virtualization, test data management, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, social media testing approaches, and others, all of which you can find here in our blog section as well as part of our service offerings.

Our organization is only 9 years old but the scope of knowledge, expertise, experience, and understanding of various industries and markets is strong within our diverse employee base. We started our company with a vision to provide guidelines, mentorship, and advice primarily to QA Organizations. After a huge demand from our customers to provide many more services, we expanded our operations dramatically in the last 3 years by opening multiple global locations around the world to serve our customers right where they are. We also have acquired 3 international Software Testing companies as part of our acquisition strategy. We changed our strategy and objectives only because we wanted to help many more who were seeking valuable assistance.

Nowadays, we cover all angles of the QA Service Delivery Model by offering 32 unique services that few others could offer. We are experts each of the QA service verticals, so our services aren’t just words on a screen. We understand the many needs and responsibilities inherent in QA and are working diligently to innovate existing QA execution methods, approaches, automation frameworks, and methodologies to coincide with the continuously evolving technologies.

We would like to help you with any quality initiative your organization or team is engaged in. No job is too small for us. We are ready to assist you with any requests and put you on the road of quality success. Questions will be answered free of charge, and you can mark my words that we will do everything to earn your continuous business and to help you succeed. Each one of us is an advocate of quality and an agent of change. This way of thinking is what we teach our employees in order for them to position themselves effectively as they are supporting our client base.

Thank you for your time reading my message and exploring our web site. Even if you do not become our client, we still want to be connected and exchange ideas and opinions via our forum and blog in order to continue learning from each other and share experiences. After all, we are on the same mission to solve a big and complicated puzzle called QUALITY and we strive to solve it together with your partnership. We are all a big QA Family with common goals and objectives to deliver quality products and make our customers happy. Good luck to all in your quality paths.


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