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Cloud Performance Testing Strategy: Complete Guide

The advent of Cloud Computing era has transformed the way applications are monitored, developed and used these days. The reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of cloud computing is that it provides affordable resources for users and developers alike in the forms of:

  • Computing power
  • Storage and
  • Critical Resources

It makes scalability and expansion for an application easier as per the requirements.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a pay-per-use computer architecture that can be expanded or scaled as per requirement. A user/developer can access additional resources if they need and the same will be provided at additional costs.

Cloud computing is slowly getting a foothold in mainstream IT service sectors across the world due to its location independence, flexibility, and dynamic nature.

What are the Important Cloud Metrics?

When it comes to cloud computing, the most important metrics associated with its infrastructure, as per the best software testing service companies are:

  • Storage Capacity
  • Processing Power
  • Available Bandwidth and
  • Number of users accessing the resources at any point in time

Elasticity or in other words, scalability is another factor that defines whether a cloud computing infrastructure is efficient or not. Scalability or elasticity can be described as the ability of a cloud infrastructure to deal with variables in load metrics. A cloud infrastructure that can add and remove resources as per the demands can be termed as flexible and scalable.

Other than that, there are a few more factors that can define whether a cloud infrastructure is efficient or not. In the words of a software testing company, the cloud infrastructure is:

  • Scalable
  • Available
  • Fault tolerant and
  • Reliable

Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing at a Glance

There are several benefits of cloud performance testing. Some of them are as follows:

  • It lowers operational costs
  • It provides support for distributed development
  • It provides support for testing teams, irrespective of their location
  • It is a cost-effective way of large-scale application testing
  • It allows simulation of load tests for checking the efficiency of an application

Types of Cloud Testing

Best QA Testing Services can be carried out in one or more of the following testing models:

  • Stress test
  • Performance &load test
  • Browser Performance Test
  • Latency Test
  • Target Infrastructure Test
  • Failover Test
  • Capacity Test
  • Soak Test

Steps to Building an Effective Cloud Performance Testing Strategy

Below are some tried and tested ways that can assist cloud performance testing service providers to deliver efficient results:

Get Statistical Load Data

Before the onset of cloud testing, it was critical that the engineer gets their hands-on load statistics. The information will provide an insight on the response time of the cloud service provider. Running tests when the load is at its peak; then when the user traffic is low. At the end, comparing two results for an average result is essential for assessing the response time.

Conduct Comprehensive Stress Tests

Public cloud infrastructures demand comprehensive planning and careful execution. For this reason, the best QA company makes sure that the infrastructure has gone through thorough stress testing. A stress test will examine the infrastructure’s capability of handling stress and determine its points of failure.

Conduct Memory Monitoring

Volume tests can be conducted using various memory monitoring tools. It is an effective way of monitoring the available virtual memory in a cloud computing architecture. The data collected can also be used to determine the scalability factor and capacity of the infrastructure.

Conclusive Remarks

Cloud computing is preferred over traditional computing infrastructure these days as it is cheap, fast, agile and efficient. It should be kept in mind that a complex task like cloud performance testing should be thoroughly customized to meet the requirements of the infrastructure.

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