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CasperJS Made Automated Regression Testing Effortless

The best software testing companies define the process of regression testing to assure the new changes in the code have not affected the existing working modules and all other functions are as efficient as those were earlier. The regression testing service is provided by many firms. It is usually a normal unit of the program development ladder and in different best software testing companies, it is carried out by code testing specialists. Regression testing is probably the most popular subject undergoing intense study as it is one of the best QA services.

A regression bug is injected into the automation testing procedure into a system succeeding a few changes in the older system in the process of regression testing. The changes introduced can be varied and may include patching, new functionality development, integration of third-party components and many other things states providers of the best QA services.

Regression testing is extremely important to make sure the company’s product still functions the way it used to at the end of every testing procedure. CasperJSis the most user-friendly javascript regression testing service that surpasses the capabilities of PhantomJS. Both are examples of automation testing and they guarantee better execution of quality assurance processes.

PhantomJS or CasperJS, what are they?
PhantomJS is an accelerated, intricately designed, WebKit based browser says the best software testing companies and it is ideal for automating web page interaction. Regression testing processes carried out using PhantomJS provides amazing support to many web standards, namely, DOM manipulation, CSS3 selectors, canvas, AJAX and many more.

Whereas CasperJS is an even more powerful utility that runs on top of PhantomJS and is the best software testing tool for regression testing service providers. CasperJS provides a raft of high-level ways that facilitate different activities like navigating web pages, clicking buttons, filling up of forms and even downloading resources along with quality assurance.

Introduced to the world in 2011, and often deemed as one of the best software testing tools, it is one of the most reliable tools among testers. It has a well-defined API that works on the pleasure principle when one reads it.

Despite not being Node.js modules both of PhantomJS and CasperJS can be quite easily installed guarantees the best software testing companies associated with regression testing. The best software testing method for constructing one’s CasperJS code is to put each test suite in different and separate JavaScript files.

Once it is done, each script can focus on a definite part or function ability portion of a company’s website like the homepage, search bar or even the contact form. Automation testing comes into work here.
The Tester module

The best software testing companies are excited about the fact that CasperJS comes with a tester module and a tester class. Hence quality assurance prevails. The module furnishes a methodical functional and unit testing API which fits like a cork fits a bottle, to serve the purpose of the company. The test object permits the person to run assertions over the current context, pass or fail tests, log errors and even more.

Testing the Homepage
First, a person needs to be sure of the fact that their homepage loads and returns a 200 status code for real. The page title needs to be checked for significant keywords. As per the claims made by the best software testing companies, CasperJS follows three distinct guidelines for the proper execution of tasks assigned to it. They are:

  1. A CSS selector is needed to identify the form.
  2. For entering a field name and value pairs, an object is needed.
  3. A Boolean parameter is needed, which helps in determining whether the form will be automatically submitted or not.

Testing Portfolio Image
The best QA experts say that each project in the portfolio has a gallery of images associated with it. The script relies on CasperJS’s evaluate method. The method permits automated testing to evaluate the expression within the context of the current DOM. The method makes sure that:

  • The main page or top of the portfolio of an image is present there
  • There are three extra images
  • All images are within the dimension of 600×480 pixels

CasperJS is a swift, flexible solution to functional web automated testing, including automated regression testing and identification which makes it the best software testing tool. Automation testing can help one run their systems in the most efficient manner for years to come. On top of that, it eliminates human errors during test execution.


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