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Best Software Testing Company: Documentation Testing

The changes that affect only one line or paragraph of the document are easy to make. Therefore, if changes are absolutely necessary, consider how to minimize them and choose the wording that will not change the size of the corrected line or paragraph.

You must not ponder over the wording as it is not your responsibility – you are a documentation tester and the best software testing company pays you for checking the technical information for accuracy, precision, authenticity, reliability, actuality.  Again, your job is to hand over the note describing the problem to a technical writer, and this expert must decide independently whether to make changes in the current version of the document and if so, which ones. The head may even ask you to confine yourself to these duties and not spend too much time on any task. But as life situations do not fit into the formal framework, in some cases, you may well participate in thinking through the necessary changes, especially if they are very important and will not take up too much of your time.

Another important object of your attention is an index of the user manual. And it is recommended to begin to work with as soon as possible. When reading the guide, pay attention to the key concepts described in it and check whether they are included in the index. If not, report this situation to a technical writer.

The final testing of the index is performed after the completion of work on the text of the book and its preparation for printing. This work is assigned to a tester, or one of the editors. It may well be that the final version of the subject index has no links to a certain chapter or they are based on its previous version. Therefore, it is necessary to check at least the two index entries for every five pages of the book. (This means that it is possible to check two elements of the index with reference links to pages 1-5, the two with reference links to pages 5-10, etc.)

Website testing service is quite indispensable for website owners as they use it to identify bugs and defects in the apps before these are made live, to make sure that web pages have user-friendly design and can smoothly perform in a real-life situation.

Post-production stage

In some companies, user manual is not printed until the software is completely developed. In such cases, the post-production stage of testing is simply unavailable. (Technical writers still have some work, for example, they read the first printed copy of the book closely, but the testers do not have to bother to do the same.)

By the way, selenium testing service can serve you good as it is widely used to examine web apps across various platform and browsers in an automated manner.


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