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Best Software Testing Companies: Types of Fundamental Test Processes and Their Relationship

Some fundamental test processes are carried out solely by the specialists of a single testing team and are based on entirely their testing efforts. Other processes are performed jointly – by members of the testing team and employees working in other departments of the company. It is reasonable to use the word “cooperative” rather than “external” for the processes because effectively interacting teams first accept each other’s work and only then start collaborating. If the groups channel incomplete and poor-quality facilities through the company’s “walls”, in other words, bypass approval from the management, it is the hallmark of a poor teamwork. The joint process may include receiving or giving objects to be transferred, or both. In the joint process, you may receive a set of objects to be transferred, which enables a plurality of teams to cohere. Best software testing companies are sure to improve quality of developed software apps as they have many years expertise in quality assurance field.

Any key process depends on the context in which it takes place. In fact, the process must correspond to the goals of people participating in it, the system, project and company. In the situation depending on the context, the subtle factors may entail not only desirable but also undesirable consequences. For example, it is not good to throw food over one’s shoulder, as a rule, but this action may be perfectly acceptable, if the food appears to be the spitted salt, and if there are superstitious people around you. Let us consider the example of the test process environment. Submitting test execution reports to the project management group requires good communication skills; after all, you need to feel what should be said and when and who should be provided with this information. Does your information system fail to protect data and maintain functionality as desired? This problem can be easily solved with security testing service.

During the project, testing is associated with a variety of different activities and teams.

Test execution is usually an in-house process, as it monitors the results of the test cycle. Submission of error reports is also a collaborative process in which the testing team passes a group of developers the information obtained during the test. Similarly, sending the list of changes for a particular test version is a joint process wherein a development team passes the testing team the information required for the test being run.  Stress testing service allows you to determine stability of a given software app by subjecting it to deliberate intense workload to see if it fails or withstands the high demand.


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