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Assurance Testing Services: What Is Scrum Software Development

In information technology world it is customary to use specialized methodologies and approaches in each step of software development process to achieve the desired goals.

Software development and testing are closely related processes. Choice of testing methodology is often dependent on programming technique. This also applies to Scrum.

Scrum is a part of the agile methodology, an iterative and incremental software development framework, which can be applied to almost any project management.

In order to make the assurance testing services more effective, and faster yield better results, QA providers use Scrum model in software development. Scrum suits quite well for complicated, innovative volume of works therefore it is employed by many companies all over the world.  It focuses on building software products which inevitably meet business needs.

Scrum approach is based on numerous small teams which work in interdependent and intensive manner. These are specialized well trained teams that can manage themselves, have good communication skills and take final decisions. Each member of such dedicated testing team does its work while permanently concentrating on common interests of all the teams.  

Characteristics of scrum methodology

  • Scrum combines agile development and lean development principles.
  • Scrum team usually consists of customer, scrum-master, development and testing teams.
  • Success of scrum development projects depends of productivity, enthusiasm and solidarity of all the participants in the development process.
  • Scrum master is a key player on Scrum team; he is responsible for removing impediments. Scrum master is a process owner for the whole team since he creates balance with the key stakeholder of the project who can be thought of as a product owner.  
  • Every member of Scrum team has to attend special meetings called daily briefings. The goal is to apprise all the Scrum team members of the development project status, possible and already existing changelings, scope of work per day and so on and on.  

Software testing services company uses a variety of tools to facilitate testing processes and get more accurate results of the verification. Only highly qualified specialists are authorized to run functional testing, load testing, security testinginstallation testing and other important testing types. They can work even extra hours to ensure the quality of software products since the customer satisfaction is the most important thing for them.


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