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Android Testing Services

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In a world so radicalized by technology that is going all-mobile, mobile applications are imperative for businesses to thrive or even to rise to a certain level, given the current scenario of the world. We provide top-notch android app testing services.

So, is developing an Android app is the right way forward for a business? With a whopping 71.93% of smartphones in the world running on the Android operating system, yes, it would be the right choice for any business!

But having a large userbase alone does not suffice. These apps must be bug-free and error-free to ensure their effective functioning during their development and testing phase.

Hence Android testing services are critical for any business to make its impact on the mobile world!

Why QA Mentor?

– Highly trained professionals who specialize in Android testing services
– Professionals analyze the application and find the root cause, justifying their profession
– Keen on shutting off the loopholes and weaknesses of the application
– High-quality and top-rated tools

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Android Testing Services

Deploying an app is well and good in the initial stages of a business, but if the application fails to deliver on a promise, then that comes back on the brand and deteriorates its reputation.

Additionally, users, in particular, have no time to devote to bug-filled android apps, or to the ones that are slow to respond, crash frequently or soak up their battery.

Therefore, Android testing services are critical for businesses to successfully develop, test and deploy bug-free Android apps on the Google PlayStore.

Factors that should be kept in mind while developing an android app are – user-friendliness of the interface, data protection protocols, compatibility with the latest version on devices, and so on.

Android testing services have to have a systematic approach. With various types of tests, they enable the effective functioning of the application.

Different Types Of Testing Offered By QA Mentor

Functional testing

It is to ensure that the testing process has been created keeping in mind the perspective of end-users.

Performance testing

To monitor how the application works in different conditions like change in screen dimensions, low network connectivity and so on.

Interrupt testing

To make sure that the application functions free from interruptions like low battery, device shut off, and so on, to function in its previous state.

Installation testing

To verify that the application can be released with confidence and successfully be installed.

Laboratory testing

To verify that there is no glitch in voice or data connection.

Memory leakage testing

To ensure that every application maintains optimized memory usage.

Usability testing

To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of the application for the end-users.

Certification Testing

For certificate compliance, to ensure that the application is being tested according to protocols set by Android.

The users do not have to spend a fortune on pricey Android applications as the team has a highly secured mobile devices app. The professionals can provide Android testing services at a shorter deadline for time-constraint deliveries.

Why Choose QA Mentor to Test Your Android Apps?

If you ever wish to get Android app testing done, the best way is to rely on real users who would calibrate a hands-on experience by using it on actual devices. Here are some of the reasons that you should choose QA Mentor for android testing services.


  • Professional testers at QA Mentor do not believe in just testing an application, but are focused on helping you achieve desired results. They also help with saving that extra penny and time with a bunch of testing operations.
  • Our professionals offer a thorough evaluation of the application and provide the users with essential and required feedback and tips on improvement for an effective user experience.
  • Our team emulates real-world users with Android devices that run completely different Android versions. This lets us take a look at the bound of your Android device.
  • To evaluate the Android apps, we undertake several testing methods like UI testing, usability testing, security testing and so on.
  • Our team focuses on evaluating the app for any security breaches or bugs. They are also keen on putting an end to the loopholes and are proficient in achieving their goal.
  • Our professionals believe in using top-rated tools to ensure maximum results.

The Professional Team @ QA Mentor

Our team at QA Mentors believes in providing immaculate and uncompromising results clubbed with heartwarming service. We focus on creating a seamless user experience by identifying and solving problems that you face with your application.

QA Mentor professionals also ensure that every user has the same app experience and that the application works as expected after being rectified.

Our professional team carries out Android app testing as per your unique requirements. Here is a brief idea of how our professionals carry out the tests on Android apps to debug them –

  • Preparing for functional tests will stress more on the most important aspect of the application.
  • Performing tests on different devices to identify if the bug is related to the type of device being used. Thus, indicating if the app is taking too much RAM on lower-level devices.
  • Repeat tests and compare. This will increase the chances of finding another bug if any and solve the crisis.

These experts in the field focus on providing detailed feedback and log into each error more systematically. By looking into all of it, they can enhance the working of the application and its aesthetics.

Android App Testing for Mobile Devices

Android app testing services for a mobile device can give you the notion of being pricey, but that is not the case. At QA Mentor, we focus on providing affordable options that can give detailed feedback and exceed customer expectations.

Android offers a variety of tools that can help our testers effectively test the app and ensure quality control of the android app. With the right expertise and knowledge, our professionals are ready to devote their time to fix every problem.

In case any of you are looking for Android testing services, we are here to help you out. If you have any query related to our site or services, contact us without hesitation!

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