QA Environment Management Services

Our experts will help you to outline a standard process for monitoring your new
test environments and managing key updates and configuration changes

One of the big challenges in QA organizations is creating and maintaining test environments. Far too often, QA environments, if they exist at all, lag behind production in terms of space, speed, and software updates. Those of us in the QA world know that when you test on a completely different environment than production.

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Common issues for improperly managed environments

Unstable test environments
No clear guidelines or direction for environment establishment
Too many or too few environments
Inopportune outages
Insufficient build cycles
Unauthorized changes to environments
Unattended infrastructure
Ad-hoc management
Inconsistency with production or other test environments
Non-existent or undefined best practices
Lack of documentation
Fragment environments
Underutilization of assets

Benefits of a management environment

Reduced time-to-market
Increased quality
Reliable, repeatable processes
Made to order test environments on-demand
Lower costs overall
Increased data integrity
Earlier defect detection
Improved accountability
Increased data security
More effective ‘real life’ simulations
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How it Works

Needs are identified
Our experts outline a process for monitoring and management
Security rules will be established
Phased process created for implementation
Key team selected to be accountable for the management
You have complete control

Having up-to-date, speedy, production mirrors for testing doesn’t have to be a luxury. With our expert guidance, it can be cost effective addition to your QA organization that you will see a huge return on for years to come. Give us a call today to see what QA Mentor can do for you.

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