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Automation Testing

Automation TestingAutomation Testing
If automated testing is something you’re unfamiliar with, maybe this can help. In a nutshell, it’s a process that uses tools to run scripted tests in a predetermined, systematic fashion. Most tools can run the tests, report the results, and even compare results to earlier tests. Automated tests can be scheduled to run any time of the day or night, with or without an actual person monitoring. read more…

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility TestingCompatibility Testing
Compatibility testing ensures that an application performs as expected on multiple operating systems, in multiple browsers and versions, on varying connection speeds, and even when used in conjunction with third party applications. The world of one dominating web browser and operating system is behind us. These days we have a handful of top used browsers and new ones popping up frequently. read more…

Database Testing

Database TestingDatabase Testing
Database testing involves many layers. From the UI, to the data access, to the actual database. Data stability and security is absolutely critical for every business which makes database testing a step that shouldn’t be skipped. This kind of testing can ensure that databases are durable, scalable, and consistent. For the most efficiency and effectiveness, database testing is performed by a team independent from the developers. read more…

Functional Testing

Functional TestingFunctional Testing
Functional testing specifically focuses on the expected functionality of the application under test. The primary question answered is: Does the application do what it is supposed to do? Testers use the functional specifications and design documents to create a test plan. Input data is created and the system’s output is analyzed based on expectations. read more…

Integration Testing

Integration TestingIntegration Testing
While unit testing verifies each module or unit individually, integration testing validates that all of the units work well together. It tests the communication paths between modules, either in smaller aggregates or the entire system as a whole. The purpose of this kind of testing is to verify the requirements of major items, or groups of units. Here’s an easy-to-understand example of integration testing: eBay and PayPal. read more…

Performance Testing

Performance TestingPerformance Testing
Performance testing includes multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as benchmark where and when the issues arise. Different tests are used to verify the performance from varied angles.Load testing is done to find the failure threshold of a system by incrementally adding concurrent users until the system’s response slows. read more…

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